The Complete Guide to Fully Funding your Events with Corporate Sponsorships

In this guide we will dive into a step-by-step process to fulling funding your event. I will share with you the exact actions I have taken to pull in hundreds of thousands of dollars in corporate sponsorship dollars (I'm talking $35k-$250k per event).

What would an extra $2,500 mean for your organization? How about $10,000? $50,000 or more? It's entirely possible, let me show you exactly how.

I will gift you a template that I have used for special events, large and small, to make your valuable dollars stretch a little further.

I will show you how to leverage your existing event marketing to attract large dollar supporters.

I will also give you real examples that you can use to fill in the template I provide.

We will cover how to create your packages, how to package up the proposal, what additional materials should go with it, who to send it to, how to follow up, how to wrap up and thank these contributors, how much you should aim for, and even more bonus content!

We will dive into a step-by-step process to fulling funding your event.

The key with special events is to partner with corporate entities that align with your mission and support your efforts. Use these dollars to bring your event to fruition, raise even more dollars and get these corporations some exposure in the process.

You have a mission. Allow me to pass along this knowledge so that you can further your initiative and continue to make a positive impact on this world.

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